Evo Lab Leopard Guide

Hey guys!

So after experimenting in the Evo Lab for a bit on my Tamer, I discovered the best way to manipulate the skills to maximize your experience output!
So as y'all know, a majority of the experience comes from when the monsters are attracted towards that giant machine thing.
What do you gotta do?
Stand riiiiiight [url=]here,[/url] face to the right, and just hold down your main attack skill (Leopard's Paw) - don't spam it, though- Leopard's Roar throws it off. For the most part, you'll be able to stick right there, spamming your attacks at the monsters.
DISCLAIMER: sometimes you'll get knocked off. This isn't something that you'll just stay right there. Just most of the time.

How about that long annoying time between the waves coming towards the attractor?
Level Three-Point Pounce to level 1 (It's a junky skill for anything except for this. You could raise it higher for less of a cooldown to attract more mobs to ya) - Go to an area like [url=]this[/url] and use it- allowing you to attract the monsters to quickly finish off with your other attack moves.

NOTE: This is really good for RED boxes as well! I usually get around 150 boxes per Evo Lab!

Hopes this helps you guys! <3

January 24, 2014

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[quote=LitheMovement]So people are still getting the spawn lag hm?[/quote]

I've heard they are, but I don't really see any difference..

Reply January 24, 2014

So people are still getting the spawn lag hm?

Reply January 24, 2014