Reasons maple is died Hello my fellow maplers. Today i want too discus the topic that is the "reason maplestory died". What ruined the game that once was loved by more people than it does now? If you think im being nostalgic and think the game is fun and your having the time of your life you can leave now...Okay! So iv'e done a lot of thinking and i think i figured out the solution. This answer might be shocking. The reason maplestory died is... YOU. Thats right you heard me. You guys all ruined Maplestory! Now, before you all think im a nut case hear me out. I have my reasons. Okay so "most ppl" claim maplestory's population started decling after Big Bang. And if you were playing during big bang just like i was, i recal

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Wait for Sp reset of Buy Cs Sp reset Hey guys. So i decided to use my job coin to switch to a sair to see what it was like since i had two coins. I switched back and i totally messed up my first job skills...thinking that all skills get maxed. So right now "Shadow Heart" is at lvl 5 (/10) and its one of many pirate's passive buffs....when do you think we'll be getting a SP reset? Or should i just buy 5 of the 1st Job sp reset in CS (12k Nx). I feel incomplete without it max...


This what I get for being Nice Throughout the last few years, a lot of people have been saying the community in maple just keeps getting worse. I'm always trying to help people who are less fortunate than I am by giving them mesos when they ask or guiding them by helping them with quests and what not. But this isnt a thread about me bragging about helping people. I realized most people just dont look back once you help them nor do they care that you helped. Some of the same people who scam/ deceive people are the same people asking for help. What goes trough the minds of these people? I get that they just dont give a s**t but seriously, they have no remorse lol. Anyway, i was in FM today and i managed to grab a spot. It was a rather big spo

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Should I come back to Ms? Hey guys. Okay so about 2 months ago (2 days after they increased level cap) my laptop broke down and I've been loafting to buy a new one mostly cause I was broke and my phone has pretty much done everything my laptop could except play MS/other games. But now that I'm finally working I'm definitely getting one soon. I wasn't "addicted" to ms (or maybe I'm just telling myself that lol) but I always had an urge to login almost everyday. I even convinced myself that I was gonna quit since MS got boring to me but I really didn't get a chance to experience the new patch/cap. Also, it was hard for me to quit cause of time, effort, and dedication I put into my character. I still think about it! I decided to fini

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Rate My Igns? Hey everyone, i'd love some feedback on a few igns I have. If you have a moment, tell me what you think :3 Incider - (Made it cause it sounds like "Inside her" ;) or Insider) PhantomClown- (Wanted to get the whole Clown/Jester suit from CS but got bored of phantom after 70) CushionPush - (Named it after the expression "Cushion for the Pushin" LOL. " Squiqy-(Named it after the name Squiggy in one of my favorite shows. (SOA FTW! ) ) BloodSatan-( Came up with this while thinking about a demonic name for my Kaiser) Tell me what you think! Which one sounds the best? I'm thinking about training the one with the best IGN

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