Where is mrbasil?

MrBasil created a thread asking for feedback in September.

Check his profile. The last recorded comment is September 22nd, 2017: SIX MONTHS ago. He asked for site feedback, people gave their opinions, and then...

This place is a ghost town for a reason.

Has he been spotted anywhere else online? Has he just decided to abandon us and this site for good?

No posts in October
No posts in November
No posts in December
No posts in January
No posts in February
No posts in March

And nothing. Bugs are still rampant. The layout is still less intuitive than it was. Links still don't exist where they should.

Predictably, here we all sit. A couple of us checking in each day, to quip about how empty it feels. Are there even any mods?

I say this every time, but it really is sad.

April 3, 2018

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I think Basil is his used condom now since he has BZL the new sex toy.

Reply April 3, 2018

And of course, so many of those items are things that can be fixed. Things that _should have_ been fixed years ago.

The maple-related stuff is only part of the reason for our decline.

If we thought mrbasil cared about this site, then I would feel a little smug right now. The things we complained about for years, along with some other factors, seem to have driven away most of the user-base for good.

Reply April 3, 2018

It's a ghost town because

-Email verification basically killed half of all basil users

-maplestory's population has been decreasing, and basil shrinking has been noticeable since 2012

-Auction house made basil's abandoned auction function nearly useless

-Deletion of FM made basil's abandoned auction function totally useless (without breaking ToS)

-Nexon has been quite strict with maple forums to the point that Basil is the ONLY fansite that Nexon mentions on their webpage has the basil community spread far and thin (By the way if you want to contact him, try this site.)

-Thread lock function once necessary to prevent necroposting from several users, now handicaps slow conversations due to the severely low population here

-Out-competed by any other maple forum, mainly r/maplestory and Nexon forums.

-Discord destroys small communities not unlike an alien mothership abducts the entire town except like 2 small houses. Visit the mothership here:

-More people leave causes a chain reaction in others leaving.

-ChatCh*ef's rise and fall made Basilmarket and CC look like a drama site for preteens, or like the 9gag of maple fansites. Well it's been like that since 2010, but now it's like official

-neglect in website maintenance make this site a real bother to use

-lack of @mrbasil proving he doesn't care about this site and is just waiting until the site crashes

That being said, the last nail in the coffin will be one resilient troll because nobody will be able to stop him/her.

Reply April 3, 2018