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Pokemon Xy / Oras Giveaway Hello, I'm making a pokemon giveaway for a pokemon of your choice with your set. If you are interested go to GTS and ask for the pokemon you want leaving "Amayor" as your message. OPTIONAL : I'd prefer that you help me provide a step by step solution to this math contest question for high schoolers: factor 8x^3 - 36x^2y + 54xy^2 - 27y^3 into three binomials. ** Also leave the mon you want me to giveaway next ... Also leave the pokemon: Zizagoon Male lvl 1-10 ... **Limited quantity, come fast. EDIT: GIVEAWAY Opened.

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MicroSoft Word Download Help Hey guys, i really needed microsoft word for my high school assignment and would appreciate it if you guys could give me some links ? I'm using open office right now and i find it hard to insert shapes, textbox, and what not. :3 Thanks. Mods: I know how this might ( Not Entirely Sure ) go against your TOS guidelines, but as much as i like basilmarket, this is related to educational purposes. ** This thread does not go beyond 3rd party content. Thank - You.

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High School Math Guidance Please. I have this problem in high school where I would have a 4.0 GPA if it wasn't for my math hon class - geometry.. I've studied geometry throughout the summer as well, just to find out that I'm struggling in this class. Last year, i had an A+ in math, and i had set the record for the highest grade throughout my class, as well as other periods who belonged to the same class.. Why is it so that i always get a bad grade on my test, when I'm the only one answering all the questions in class.. Is it because i panic over a math test ? My self-esteem is totally being run-down all over a string of math grades. Is it that my time management skill stinks ? I do take lots of stress while taking the exam, and do not know


So many botters -- Well, before i start this thread, all i want to say is that mods, if anything happens, please don't get me banned, if i somehow go against TOS. My point is, as all of you know nexon only gives advantage to players who buy nx. In this way, i've seen many botters in SH that are around lvl 220, who have nx on. It seems to me that most of these people pay via paypal, and it is also true that if these people get banned, they can call for a refund, resulting in nexon's loss. The type of potential you get from such a case is disastrous to the rankings. This type of issue needs to be resolved. ~Anuj252

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