Post-PatchMinimum Damage Chaos Vellum Solo

Ditto, again aiming for minimum damage.

April 21, 2016

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@cherrytigers: Yep, elemental reset has been changed so that we can no longer completely ignore elemental resistance

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You're looking really good in this video. Nicely done!

That teleport to the left at 3:48 was really nice. You're really accommodating for your extended teleport range and taking advantage of it. I've played Lumi before in Chaos Vellum. It's not that the long teleport is worse than the short one: it's simply that the long one takes a bit more precision but you've got it.

I haven't logged on in a while but I'm going to assume our elemental reset was nerfed?@sweetbanana:

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In my opinion, it's more of a preference so probably best to give both of them a try and see which one is better.

I have tested the normal teleport on this boss prior to this run and, although I can see why @cherrytigers has suggested me to use the normal teleport(I do not have to move as much to get out of danger), I haven't gotten used to it since it's been a long time ever since I have used the normal one(like probably 1-2 years ago). For this reason, I have decided to continue with the longer teleport for this run.

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Fixed for ya

Would you use the increased teliport here or the normal ranged one?

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good stuff

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