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Beyond KMS v1.2.269 Changes New Skill TL;DR: Blast takes on your last charge's element and its buff gets removed (but made into passive boosts), all charges' attack ranges are boosted (along with dmg buffs to equalize them all), and elemental charge's buff is now timed/refreshed upon a charge use. Threaten's chance hyper gets increased to 25% instead of 20%. The new skill is a passive-ish rotating aura made of hammers (1 hammer per stack of ECharge, up to 5) that deals constant damage as they rotate. You can use the skill to make these hammers bigger and stronger,30 sec up/60 sec CD. New Skill: Blessed Hammer: Summon blessed hammers to attack nearby enemies. If the hammers attack enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. (max

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