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AFTERLANDS - Can not obtain gold pieces, any fix? Title. It's my first time doing afterlands and I insisted on doing it on my own, regrettably I now had to google around a bunch on how to do the God of Battle part. Need to use 3 gold pieces by the statue / quest girl, fair enough; only one problem... Since I've 100% done land of riches (gold sack included) I can no longer pick-up the repeatable gold pieces quest! Or at least, nobody has a quest anymore. Any easy fix? I tried to google it around, but other than the gold sack bug it've came up blank. As seen, no quests:

General Quests

Von Leon Quest I foreit the quest Hello, I plan to solo Von Leon at level 138 on Easy Mode (I don't know if this can happen as a bowman), because I got slaughtered trying to solo it on Normal Mode. I don't know when the challenge to kill Von Leon is reset (I know it is reset everyday), and I didn't feel like waiting at the entrance of the Audience Room until I can go inside, so I left the entire area, and now I cannot get the scroll to go back to the Audience Room. Additionally, I thought if I forfeit the quest, I can reactivate it, do the prereqs for the quest to get the scroll again, however when I forfeit the quest, I cannot find the NPC to reactivate it. (Are they in the Lion King's Castle?) Anyway, I don't know how to restart the Von L

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