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#Thunderbreaker Talk

General Thunderbreaker

Sweetwater Equips I play on reboot server and after a week of doing Commerci all I get is Sweetwater Grips. So far I have accumulated 17 Sweetwater Grip and no sight of the other Sweetwater equips to complete the set. Do I have to PQ with other people to get the other equipment drops? Or is the cape/hat/overalls/etc... a lot harder to get compared to the weapon? I really need to get my the S/W set before my Fafnir Equips expires next week. Also I have a one of the Sweetwater grips at 12 stars. Is it wise to spend the Alliance medal on 13-star scroll and max it to 25 stars right now?

General Thunderbreaker

Primal Bolt Hyper Skill Lvl 150 being Nerfed in KMS I read this on MapleStory Reddit under New 5th Job skill-Beyond concerning lvl 150 Hyper Skill Primal Bolt for TB's being nerfed in KMS on the Beyond patch update. If google is translating this correctly they apparently reduced the duration and added a CD to TBs lvl 150 Hyper Skill Primal Bolt. RIP Typhoon Spam. I admit with the new Typhoon range it has become ridiculously strong but isn't that a huge change to their mobbing capabilities/play style? With the new 5th Job Skill timing it seems like they had to take a part away just to fit in 5th job. I guess they kind of had to do that since offensively TBs are more or less complete. Adding more on top of that would be superfluous. I wonder

General Thunderbreaker

v.178 Changes for Thunder Breakers -Typhoon's hitbox has been adjusted. Its vertical range allows you to hit Magnus while he's charging his purple laser with Typhoon now. Lost about a third of it's horizontal range though. -No longer able to attack while inflicted with certain status ailments including stun. I know that in KMS they are able to still attack while stunned during the 5th job update but is it still like that now? Though they kind of have several things that we don't have. -I swear Thunderbolt cancelling time got slower.

General Thunderbreaker

Shadow Partner Skill for TB for Strange Stories Patch Not sure if this is just a mistypo on Nexon part I don't recall TB having a shadow partner skill or something lol Shadow Partner Max Damage Skills: The damage limits are now the same as the character's. This affects the following skills: Explorer Thief - Shadow Partner, Mirror Image. Night Walker - Dark Servant, Shadow Illusion. Thunder Breaker - Dark Servant, Shadow Illusion. Demon Slayer - Blue Blood. Xenon - Manifest Projector.

General Thunderbreaker

Thunder Breaker Skill Building Guide Please? Can someone please make a new skill build guide for Thunder Breaker? I'm at LV. 62 and... well I'm a noob I guess so I don't know what skills to put my SP's into. I did look through some old guides, but those are outdated since some moves were taken out of the skill list for TBs (i.e. Link Mastery skill for 3rd job). If someone can make it, please send the link in a comment. Thanks! Or, even better, how should I distribute my SP's for any character in general? xD

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