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Was everything from the old basilmarket removed? :( I do miss the interactivity of the platform! The other day, I remembered how we had to verify people's legitimacy in selling NX by whispering "trustworthy" and high-leveled individuals from well known guilds! It just made me realize that even as a 15 year old, we were exposed to some pretty complex social conventions in the virtual world of MapleStory... even having "tracks" to find out who's inside a PQ and using autoclickers just to get into them... Crazy times those were!! ;)

General Chat

How has everyone been over the past few years? I don't really use BasilMarket anymore, especially since it's not as active as it used to be. Right now, we're all dealing with the pandemic in all sorts of ways, so I thought I'd take the time to see how the MS/Basil community is doing! First and foremost I want to get this off of my chest. Personally I've been taking the time to reflect on many of the things I've done in the past especially when I was a dumb teenager (minor). Recently, I've been looking back and thinking about how immature I was all those years ago. Now I've grown (I'm in my mid-20s now!), trolling, begging endlessly, etc is something I no longer do and in fact shun now (stuff I've done on here as well). I don't want to see a

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