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Let me be the next to scream into the void. Every day I go home from work; a piece of my soul taken from me by my crappy high paying job that I hate. The money coming in is good and I don't at all struggle to pay bills. But work is just draining me of my soul each and every day, turning me into a zombie inside. I just don't want to have to keep doing it for another 34 years until retirement. Man I wish I could just go back to the days where I could just log into maple and mindlessly grind for hours on end without giving a damn about the real world. Anyway how's your life going?

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Hey i was wondering if cloud robes are still worth anything? I accidently sold one f or only 1b and it was IMEEDIATELY bought within minutes, but i had two. I threw one in auction house f or the price someone told me they got one for . i assume its because its a collector item and one that can be traded with scissors. not entirely sure, as i have been gone for quite some time. i also have onyx blade and some other stuff like pointy hats but i could use help. the prices in elys are pretty unstable and all over the place. sry if im sounding dumb af lmao. im basically a noob all over again and relearning da wayz. i have like a ton of pointy hats i have been putting in, i havent sold any recently but a few months back before my pc fried i sold