Wow they ruined Star one card or is it glitched?

I'm getting 15-30 rewards points per game for 2nd/3rd. When I win it can be anywhere from 30-7x. At this rate I'll never hit 1500.

July 9, 2015

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It's really not as hard to win as many of you think. It might just be Uno, but there are available win conditions that you can stack up.
Save your "One More Cards", They can be played on top of each other. Eliminate every other card in your hand and then play all of them in a row for a free win.
Save the "Stealth" card for your last card. It can played over anything. If it is your last card, auto-win. (Or, if you must, use it when you're about to get hit for 7+ damage)
^ Works for Mikhail as well.
If you get Irena, save her, and try to stack up green cards in your hand while eliminating your other colors manually. Going from 7 cards --> Win is unpredictable to other players, so you won't be attacked.
Plan the order you want to play your cards in, according to what is in your hand. Don't just play something because it is lit up.

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With this "adjustment" they only made one card and other mini games more unbearable to do. At least farming one card before was worth most long boring games, Now it's not, it's a complete waste, The game is too time consuming compared to the reward. Balancing cost/benefit there just is no logic to play anymore. GG Nexon.

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Nexon Logic.. Why not give the botters more benefits, while hurt those who actually play?
I mean, the botters never take cards and will have long games so they get more rp now (not that its important cus its a program playing and they will reach the cap eventually), on the other side everyone whos striving to win and play with strategy will get 22 rp for winning. gg nexon

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They should've just left it as it was.
The only thing that they should've implemented is a tie system. If there are three players left that each have 2 cards, then I think they should all get second place instead of some poor chaps getting stuck with 3rd and 4th.

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[quote=Masterobert]Don't rush, take like 2-3 minutes per game to get full amount.[/quote]
It's worse than full amount unless you get 1st against better people.
If you're doing it for RP and you're not running multiple characters for 10 games each you're wasting your time, unless you have god luck and get top 1 consistently.

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I get this kills the botters, but seriously unless you get 1st vs people better than you, you are getting almost nothing.

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@nathanjo: Nexon's excuse is probably all the other adjustments, like points being relative to who you beat and such. Shining Stars can cause point increase times, initiate bingo, etc. That was probably the justification for making it go from 1-3 hours to 2-6 hours just to get the point cap.

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Makes no sense to nerf it, the freaken place is pretty much dead already.... Why kill it even more?

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Don't rush, take like 2-3 minutes per game to get full amount.

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From the notes: [i]The basic amount of SP and Reward Points given in each mini-game has been adjusted.[/i]

When I read that last night, the first thing I did last night was run through all my points. That's how Nexon hides a major nerf: Generic statement which technically could be good but would only be mentioned that way if really bad.

Here's the rest of the notes on it. Point rewards are now based on who you are beating and such, so it's not nearly as predictable:

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