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my petition worked

everytime when i get the survey about how likely would you recommend maplestory to your friend when you close the game. i give a 0 and comment that gullox and commerci are too hard to access. now this path they actually changed these content and made commerci reachable via portal just like gullox.
so yeah everyone remember to thank me.

1 July 23, 2016

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everytime i kill gollux i for some reason get thrown into henesys so like... maybe you should write a survey about that

Reply July 23, 2016

I never did gollux and never went to commerci so I have nothing to be thankful for.

Reply July 23, 2016

Thank you so very much @tampons our very hot and sexy hero.
People may not appreciate it now, but it is all in due time.

Reply July 23, 2016

thank you @tampons
youre the hero maplestory needs but not the one it deserves

Reply July 23, 2016

It was changed in CMS months ago and GMS is just following that.

Reply July 23, 2016