Bear mode lag?

I know for some, including me bear mode was pretty laggy and you couldn't train on it >_< i haven't touched my bt since and was wondering if it has been fixed?

March 10, 2014

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[quote=Chepfer]I really want to fund my BT but the lag in bear mode its just too much for me I can't play it at all its a shame because the class is really fun.[/quote]

Exactly how I feel

Reply July 5, 2014

I really want to fund my BT but the lag in bear mode its just too much for me I can't play it at all its a shame because the class is really fun.

Reply July 4, 2014

sigh so sucky.........i love the class too and it's pretty fun....but the fact that it's been like this for a few months without any fixing on their part really sucks >.<

Reply July 3, 2014

@baruto2 got the same response from them when i sent my ticket too. IMO it's just their excuse for not being able to fix the lag unless someone who doesn't experience this can give their input on the situation.

Reply July 2, 2014

I sent a ticket out to nexon and this is what they said
"I understand that you are having issues with staying connected to the the servers. This can be caused by having an unstable Internet connection, please be sure that your Internet is stable and able to be used without interruption. I suggest that you not use a Wifi conntection as this is a known issue.

Also this may be due to an out dated video card Drivers. I can also suggest that you make sure they are fully updated. Also this can be due to being on a server, map, or channel that is highly populated and your connection may not be able to handle that many players.

Another possible solution would be to reboot your computer and try again momentarily. If this does not help I would then suggest that you manually re-install the game from the official website.

Please make sure to use the "Add/Remove Programs" when deleting the game. Also select "Delete Files" by opening up Internet Explorer going to the "Tools" option and into `Internet options" There, go to the "General" tab, and then find the "Temporary Internet files" (should be close to the browsing history) and select "Delete files" Once it is clear, try to download the game again.

Make sure that you are using an updated version of Internet Explorer, it is a known issue that other browsers may have conflicting issues with our website. Also, make sure that you are downloading the client from the official website.

Please be sure to close all unnecessary programs prior to running the game. This may include Anti-Virus software and Spyware protection programs. You will need ensure that your Anti-Virus and Spyware protection programs do allow MapleStory and HackShield......"
And there's more to it but this is what they sent me sorry to spam this but I request if they can fix it but this is what they said in GMS
Hope this helps

Reply June 30, 2014

I'm bumping this only to see if this issue was fixed lol can anyone tell me?

Reply June 30, 2014

mine lags in bear and in cat mode with a xenon friend in dipq, i can solo dipq aswell but thats when bearmode causes the video lag. my pc was built myself less than a year ago
amd bulldozer- AMD-FX 8 core 4.6ghz cpu and an amd radeon hd 7970 3gb gddr graphics card, win 7 os'. i believe the problem lies in the skill,mob and map.wz files tbh.. then i cant really vouch for cat mode though since it was the xenons skills causing all of the lag. eventually halfway into the pq the xenon would be stuck in blade dance animation through the rest of the pq.. any kind of information on how to fix this would be appreciated for sure x_x

Reply March 30, 2014

@Tashie: 5 year old toshiba laptop. This thing freaking lags when I play minesweeper. The life of a broke ass college student

Reply March 22, 2014

@GoldenBow rofl i beg to differ haha mines is like 8yrs old T_T

Reply March 22, 2014

I've got probably the crappiest laptop imaginable and I only occasionally lag in bear mode o.o

Reply March 20, 2014

@iKhirey yes but too slow i have bear/cat and can only train in cat if i have the patience lol

Reply March 17, 2014

ahhh kinda sucky wanted to train it....sigh

Reply March 13, 2014

It hasn't been fixed, but there is a solution.

I have used this method and very trusty people I met on this very reliable website (has 2/5 stars)
that you delete windows 7 and reinstall. trust me, this only works on windows 7, no other os system.

Best of luck,

Reply March 12, 2014