For those with the log in issue

Hey guys; If you've been following the official forums Artasi has stated:

"This issue is still being looked into and we will provide more information as we can confirm issues and figure out what is going on"

"These issues popped up since we attempted a fix on Thursday, and have continued throughout the weekend. I think the issue there being that since I was out of the office on Friday, the communication was lost. I apologize for a late response, but we do realize that the fix we attempted did not solve everyone's issues and you should know that we have multiple eyes on multiple threads throughout our forums at all times.

Again, the concern is acknowledge and we are aware of the issues"

He wasn't able to give us an answer as to whether the event for star force would be extended because half of us can't get on.....sigh only took them like 6 days to tell us something but....they're working on it at least

December 8, 2014

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and there I was complaining that I couldn't be on most of yesterday because of internet problems DX

I feel bad for you guys
I hope this problem will be fixed soon

Reply December 8, 2014

[quote=SANbounty]Yeah i honestly don't care what they have to say. They left us in the dark since that day. They can claim that they are looking into it or that they will fix it, but they wont. They will make new bugs pop up.[/quote]

agreed it was a pain to be left out in the dark =_= but i guess we'll just have to see

Reply December 8, 2014

What about the lag when attacking mobs? I have this problem and few players as well.

Reply December 8, 2014