General Shadower

Two questions Just two questions: First, an obligatory "Is my range good" query. 30k clean at 117 currently. That's quite above average, but I won't be upgrading anything more on it, except the dagger, which brings me to my next question... but to finish this one, how will my range be if I keep the same equips at lvl 170? I'll post an SS tomorrow night if need be. Second, should I invest in perfecting a RED Shop Dagger? It's the best fully tradeable dagger currently, but my shad will be a submain since warriors are getting kind of boring for now. Maybe I'll switch over, but I doubt it. Call this bandwagoning or whatever. I just need some insight into these matters. Thank you for your time.


P/c a Bunch of Random Perm Nx Also Selling Red Dragon Shoes x2 Red Dragon Gloves Blue Dragon Horn Blue Dragon Gloves Blue Dragon Shoes x2 Intergalactic Armor Intergalactic Gloves Silver Angora Gatsby (F) Twinkling Girl Hat (F) x2 Twinkling Boy Hat (M) Twinkling Boy Glow Shoes (M) Kerning Engineering School Uniform x2 Hades Shoes x2 Lost Baby Chick Red Viva Baseball Alchemist Overall Honeybee Suit Mad Hatter's Hat x2 Dino Cap Small Black Devil Hat Green Zodiac Dragon Hat Adhesive Bandage Bunny Gloves *Blue Heart Transparent Hat *Pixiemom Hat x2 *Lucia Hat *Lucia Cape x2 *Aurora Angel *Aurora Pharady *Harmony Wings *Fairy Wing Cape x2 *Spring Blossom *Pimp Chalice *Bamboo Name Tag Ring *Orchid's Black Wing Shoes

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