Clean empress/ godly pot? what do you think?

Title, I have 3 sets, 2 full, 1 missing a cape, aran(full set) DB (full set) DrK (needs cape) my question is what do you guys think about leaving your sets clean and just cubing for godly potential? thats my plan (except the weapons) to have just godly pots instead of risking losing the att on the sets from chaos scroll gone bad......

September 15, 2012

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well Thanx for the advice guys... i know you all looking at the aran like ummm where is the stuff he talking bout? ill update my basil model soon, this was an older aran that got hacked, so i deleted him plus 5 more characters and started over my new aran is 183, hero 160, Drk 155, cannoneer 139, Dualblader 167, phantom 120, mercedes 70, jett 75, demonslayer 74...... XD

Reply September 18, 2012

If you don't wanna chaos your stuff just buy an already choas'd item and just cube it yourself.
There are enough people who chaos empress gear and sell it (atleast in Bera there are).

Reply September 15, 2012

Most people leave the set clean, unless their set is dirt cheap such as Archers. It's already been shown that % stat out weighs weapon att at high level.

Reply September 15, 2012

ok, but wouldn't the sets be worth more clean? just in case i want to resale? I already have a unique lionheart battle helm (%9 str, %6 def, %6 accuracy, %1 str neb) i know i can get at least a billion for that (GALICIA)

Reply September 15, 2012

If you're worried about losing attack, just scroll for your main stat.

Reply September 15, 2012

Cube until you're happy, scroll. innocent, repeat.

Reply September 15, 2012