General Art

Taking Drawing Requests Hello everyone, I'm relatively new with digital art (drawing with a graphics tablet), so my friend told me a good way to receive some more practice was to just give drawing requests of other peoples characters. So just leave the character name you want me to draw, and I will basil PM or reply to you when it is finished. I'm really experienced with drawing so this would help me a lot. Sample: Thanks for your help, and if you have any other tips where I can get used to drawing on a tablet, it would be greatly appreciated if you left a comment!


Returning to Free Market - Price Check I'm returning to merchanting in Maple, and I have a few items to sell, but I'd like to get a rough price-check. Items Include: VIP Katara - Rare - 3 Lines - Dual Blade White Racoon Mask - Epic - 3 Lines Bowman Empress Overall - Hidden Bowman Empress Hat - Hidden Bowman Empress Shoes 6% DEX Pirate Hat 6% LUK Earing Moon And Star Cushion B Nebulites C Nebulites Shiny Easter Egg Buff - 2x Drop Legendary Coin Cake Buff Red Star Potion - 20% Boss in Root Abyss Region 5 Star Enhancement Service Beryl Heart - Clean Golden Hammer 50% Equip Enhancement Scrolls Commerci Equipment Set Thank you for any help you can possibly provide!


Returning Merchant I'm not too familiar with prices in the FM, because I haven't been in the FM for a while. Could anyone give me a few prices for these items? I'd prefer Scania prices, but if you want to tell me the price in your world, that would be fine too. Items include: -20atk Beryl Heart -Overwhelming Power 30 (Demon Avenger) -Bloody Prison 20 (Demon Avenger) -Dark Crescendo 30 (Luminous) -Arcane Pitch 20 (Luminous) -6% HP Tempest Belt -6% HP Tempest Shoulder -6% HP Tempest Ring -6% HP Tempest Pendant -Empress Crossbow -Empress Shining Rod -4ATK 8slot Tree Branch Nose (Level 10) -12atk 0slot Tree Branch Nose (Level 10) -Frog Cronies (Perm NX Cape) -Easter Egg Buff -Confusion Fragment -Sweet Sugar Chair -Moon and Star Chair -Locker Ch

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