What kind of Knuckles I can get with my fundings?

Currently, I have 800M with 33K NX, so I'm wonder what ATT would I be able to get with my current fundings. Right now, I'm using 105 King Cent, 2x Hammer'd, and 3x EE'd. Tyvm. <3 </3 o.o >.<

January 17, 2012

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Took me forever to find my knuckle. 136 att 1 slot left w/ 30% bossing and 15% pdr. Cost me around 3.5b I'd say you could get around a 120 att, or you could scroll a better one, or a worse one depending on your luck.

Reply January 21, 2012

finding a good knuckle in khaini is hard the best ive seen in past 2 weeks has been 118 att and a 100 att with 6% att 30% boss and 3% str i think

Reply January 20, 2012

I'd just scroll a VIP.

Reply January 20, 2012