General Updates

Big bang ring level 7 not giving the attack it states? So, I noticed at level 6 and 7, it said the ring would gain attack, if you want, I can provide an ss. But for anyone with a level 7 ring, you should be able to read that it is supposed to give 1 attack and magic attack. Well, it isn't on the list of stats, and on my lvl 30 warrior, it only added the 1 str and dex to my attk range (went up by 3 pts of damage only). So I was wondering, do you think it will be fixed by the end? Cus I really wanted that attack boost.

General Marksman

Training for Crossbowman/Sniper I got back into Maplestory because of the Crossbowman class, I forgot I had one, and decided to just start leveling it. It became real fun, and I plan on making this my main account. My question is: Is training from 52-60 at BPQ (Balrog) and also at Wind Raiders , a good idea? Are there other alternatives? Since I plan on doing GSPQ at 60-81, where should I train at 81? Should I just move to typhons? Or what training is the best? I just wanted a few confirmations to what I should do, and CPQ2 is an option, I just find it extremely boring. (Training past 80 could be moved to level 86, since I might MPQ).

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