Trying to Work Out a Trade Hey guys. I am selling my three warrior equips and someone was interested in trading some items for them. I'm thinking of ways to make an even trade but am stuck. Here are the items: My equips: 27 attack 22% STR VIP Warrior Shield 203 attack 30% Boss, 6% damage, 6% STR, 18% PDR neb VIP ONEHANDED Axe Agares Bloody Gear (level 130 warrior helm) Decent AB, 6% all stat, +2 skills His equips that I'm interested in: 23 attack 26% DEX BFC 190 attack 30% Boss, 15% PDR, 6% damage VIP Crossbow 27 attack 21% DEX VSS I'm relatively sure his equips are worth more than mine but not sure by how much. Any thoughts? And keep in mind that this is Bellocan, so there are rarely, if any, 27 attack VIP shields.

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Keep Shield or Trade for Better Equips Hi, well I made a huge decision and traded almost all of my remaining %DEX equips for a 27 attack 21% STR VIP Shield and a BFC that I'm content with. I originally intended to get more %STR but the nice shield took up most of my trade-value, leaving me with only 3/4 of my intended %STR. Should I just keep this shield and upgrade slowly or just trade it for a mediocre shield and things I'm missing, such as shoes, pendant, and eye accessory? For additional information, the only equips I'd need upgrading are: 6% STR top and bottom 3% STR shoes MoN No eye accessory


World Transfer Questions Hey guys and gals. My old pal from Bera has started to play MS again since his leave in around '09! He wants to world transfer his main to Bellocan from Bera to play with me but he has some questions: 1. Can he just wait until it says that a maintenance will perform world transfers and buy the world transfer a day or so prior to the SC and have his character transferred? 2. If his account has 3 mules in Bellocan [all low leveled and can be deleted...], can he still transfer since it says that you cannot transfer if you have 3 or more characters in the target world? 3. I can see that there were a total of TWO world transfer SC's in June. Can I expect a world transfer SC this week/next week? :O Thanks for any input :]

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