To Keep or Cube?

So I've decided to take advantage of the cube sale and finally upgrade my equips a tad. I cubed my 9% all stat Scar helm, which was already legendary, and on the last cube, I got 24% HP 9% STR. I normally would've scoffed and continued but I was reminded that Demon Avengers are coming out in the future and they use %HP as their primary stats. Should I just save and hope this now worthless potential will skyrocket?

February 2, 2013

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Thanks for the replies ^^. Saving it, it is.

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Hm, I guess I should save it. Anyone have a guess on how much it would be worth? If it's not too much, I'd cube it.

@manoqueen I've had this Scar helm since almost pre-BB, so it had some sort of sentimental value and thus, I never upgraded to Empress or whatever and just cubed the hell out of this helm since potential came out.

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scar helm tradable?

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Save it

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I would save it.

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