General Updates

Pirate Hero Teaser Or New Classes? I just took a peek at a link from a ChinaMS website, and it looks like a new resistance class or Pirate Hero class was about to be released :O This is news to me, but maybe this is already old news to you guys. I wouldn't know. As far as I can see, there are 3 new classes, 1 of the three being the possible pirate hero. [b]Pirate Hero[/b] This guy uses a huge anchor looking weapon, which imo, is really cool! Im guessing he's a physical attacker like a warrior [b]Last Resistance: Orpheus[/b] This dude uses some sort of... telescope or flute? And a lute. (Its a harp) And uses a combination of those to do some interesting looking ranged attacks [b]Superior Warrior: Marcel[/b] This fellow uses both a lance and

General Art

Etch a Sketch, Basil edition! Mods, can you please move this to the art section, pretty please? For the few days that I got banned, me and decided to draw random basilers (The more famous ones lulz) Who wants me to sketch them? :D So far finished: [b][/b] [url=]Sketch[/url] [url=]Color[/url] [url=]Markers[/url] [b] Basil:[/b] [url=]Sketch, the fight against trolls. I wanted to give him a goatee too[/url] [b]Yours Truly :D ♥[/b] [url=]I look pretty gross actually...[/url] [b][/b] [url=]Censored :) PG-13[/url] [url=http://i52.tinypic

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