Does anyone have any of the following?

Does anyone have any of the following in Scania? [Unworn of course]

Perm NX:
-Maid Dress (Blue)
-Time Cantabile [overall] also not sure if the item has been in GMS but it shows up on Owls
-Hazy Night Tassel
-Silver Wolf Coat
-War Paint

Also looking for the following for anvils:
Commerci Gloves / Sweetwater Gloves [Only need to anvil my tyrant gloves then you can have the item back]

Might be more but I don't remember on the top of my head

April 14, 2016

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@eternalmemory: You can also get the So Gong's Panda ornament as an eye accessory, it's also transparent. (somewhat "rare" since it's currently unobtainable but I'm sure someone still has an anvil of it) There's one more but I forgot what it's called.

Quick anvil info:
Yes you can fuse a pre- fused item. What this means is that whatever the item looks like, it's what you get. Example: Wooden Shield fused to Pan Lid. Take the item, put it in "apperance", put in your item of the same type(shield) in "function" and your item will look like a Pan Lid.
Don't like the look of your new item and want to reset it? Visit the guy in friendstory and purchase the item that resets the look to the original, costs 5k, does not require friendstory to be completed, just a couple of quests. (Does not work with medals, sadly)
Also note that gender specific items do not work. Example: CRA Warrior top, if you attempt to fuse that with a (Male) or (Female) item, it wont work. You can however fuse a unis[ex item to a gender specific item.

Reply April 15, 2016

1) To my knowledge anvils don't make an item untradable. They're only supposed to change appearance.
2) Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory is currently bugged so right now it appears as invisible. You could anvil those and get the same effect as Transparent Glasses. Nexon could fix this at any time though.

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Time Cantabile exists in GMS, yep.

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