Does anyone know the pricing of the following?

[url=]I made this a few days ago and received insight on a few items[/url]

I have also found a few of these priced in FM however some aren't sold are the moment. This is a follow-up/udate on what I need a PC on

Does anyone know the pricing of the following or have it?

Red Wind Robe [somewhat found pricing, looking for availability]
War Paint [somewhat found pricing]
Burning Ghost Wristband
Flame Boots [already acquired]
Christmas Bell [Weapon] [looking for availability]
Candy Party Ribbon [already acquired, but might purchase another]
Breezy Bamboo

Empress Katana [Lionheart Red King]
Amaterasu Marumasa [already got a PC on this]
Anniversary Black Katana
Terminus Grand Master


July 6, 2015

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thanks now to find some sellers ._.
L>burning ghost wristband / red wind robe

Reply July 7, 2015

red wind robe: 350m-400m
war paint: 550m
burning ghost wristband: 150-200m
flame boots: 30-50m
christmas bell: 100m-125m
candy party ribbon: 60m-100m
breezy bamboo: 1.5b-2b

empress katana: might aswell get one yourself bc nobody sells empress but i'd say 10m-40m
amaterasu marumasa: 10m-20m
anniversary black katana: 60m-70m(not completely sure)
terminus grand master: 200m-250m

Reply July 6, 2015