How is this worth/Does anyone have

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had either a 26 att SCG or 27 att Strong Machine Glove in Scania. How much would these be worth?

These items may be a little outdated which is why I'm asking. I am completely serious. If anyone has these items or know the pricing on them please leave a comment or shoot me a PM.

Thanks guys!

September 21, 2015

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I would say less that 1b seeing how they are decent but are outclassed

Reply September 21, 2015

[quote=mdisback]about um lets see, nothing ![/quote]

Obviously. I would still like to know how much people would buy/sell it for or if anyone had one.

Thanks to the useless insight. I just broke cap and leveled insight to 101.

Reply September 21, 2015

about um lets see, nothing !

Reply September 21, 2015