What's up with benediction? Scania:

[header][b]EDIT: Talking to fellow member of benediction, ocarinaofice and issue is being resolved[/b][/header]
Yesterday I was at LHC training with my guildies while recruiting. My guildies were in map when benediction claimed the map as "theirs". Because apparently it was vacant when my guildies were there. Simply put it was just easier to choose us as a target to ks b/c we weren't all in the same map yet due to repot/recruiting. But there were the other 3 members in that map. CorsairDee is the specific person who claimed the map.

I told this to a different person in Benediction and the response I got was: don't blame the guild, blame the person. Well, he wasn't the only person ksing seeing as he's a 116 Outlaw, it was a party of benediction members.

Now today we were training again(different party), and he came back and said we ksed him last night and this is payback. I don't know what he's talking about because last night we were the ones ksed out. We were there for hours prior to him coming in and ksing. [b]This time the whole party was there.[/b]

I have nothing against the guild, just the select few.

April 17, 2011

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@DexlessDee I agree with you DEE!

And Benediction would never do such a thing! Misunderstanding bro D:

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There was another bowmaster there killing and was still killing when you guys were there as well as the guy you claimed to be on rope.

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I see my guildie! Victim <3

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[quote=darkspawn980]dunno, i am at the map right now, and everyone is going at it, i am just watching atm, but can't figure anything out.[/quote]

Well it's calmed down now with new people in the map. I don't even know who the new people are. Thanks oCarinaofice for your help though :x

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[quote=Blakerocks]Im from Benediction idk that seems weird maybe it waas a misunderstanding?[/quote]

dunno, i am at the map right now, and everyone is going at it, i am just watching atm, but can't figure anything out.

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[quote=roarpenguin]Doesn't that make you wish HH can smoosh people?~
But if anyone from that guild sees this, wont they just have another reason to target you? > >[/quote]

Well if the leader doesn't want their rep to be messed up they should find those people and deal with them. The public has the right to know.

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