I finally got my [Legendary Hunter] Medal last night!! But sadly, I lost it 2 minutes afterwards...

The stats are pretty amazing while it lasted:
+7 All stats
+10 Speed
+5 Jump

This was a great self-achievement although it was lost and will be greatly missed...
[b]Thanks to my friends for all their support!! I couldn't have done it without you guys!![/b]

You can see the full sized image [url=]here[/url](direct link).
It was too big to upload on basil

Like please!

March 2, 2011

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[quote=clims]You're not correct, it's actually a level 110 archer hat, and a level 110 overall.
OT: Congratulations on your 2 minutes of fame ^_^[/quote]

Thanks, and yes Level 110 set! <3

Reply June 1, 2011

[quote=Reversals]How much dumber can I dumb it down? Look at the bottom right.[/quote]

I editted my keys xD I also blocked out my hp mp as well. As for my hat, I love it and since I have a cubed hat I have no need for scar/tar/zhelm so I can sell all helms. ^^

Reply March 3, 2011

What happened to your HP, MP, and EXP?

Reply March 3, 2011

Yea this pic looks very fishy. If I'm correct, that's a timeless/reverse hat he's got on. No one would cube one to unique, let alone pot it.

But if it's real. Grats =)

Reply March 3, 2011

[quote=Reversals]How do you have apples all over your keys? Edited? Sounds obvious but it looks very real o.o[/quote]
i don't understand what you're saying o-o
OT: gj
i cant even get the medal to kill 100,000 monsters a month f3

Reply March 3, 2011

To bad Time Traveler is literally the best medal ever
+10 weapon attack +10 magic attack
i wish that medal could be tradeable xd

Reply March 2, 2011

What do you have to do to get it?

Reply March 2, 2011

[quote=sha969696]Someone suppressed him.[/quote]

I believe it's surpassed.

Reply March 2, 2011

howed u lose it?

Reply March 2, 2011