Hello guys,

This is the completion of the collection of 20 Lunar Dews for the Empress Might quest showing the reward after the quest is completed. The drop bonuses used were as follows: [b]Kishin[/b][from a Kanna], [b]Holy Symbol[/b][with the drop rate hyper from a Bishop], [b]Lucky Winter Drop Buff[b], [b]2x Drop Coupon[/b], [b]Spider Familiar[/b],and [b]Wealth Acquisition Potion[/b].

I recorded all the times for each drop. The first one took the longest, it took about 3 hours to drop. I used all the drop buffs listed above.

Start time: 2:00pm

3 hours in... is when I got the first drop.

April 28, 2015

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[quote=Fighterdoken]congrats 2-2m no clown if you did it 4 years ago it would take 5-6 days of hunting for Lv 5 [/quote]

I've done it the day it came out on my Paladin, I was on 8x drop [2x drop card, easter buff, 2x drop event]. It was much harder back then than it is now. It took me about a week for the dews and about 2 days each for each level of the skill while on the same drop buffs because I forgot what happened but we had crazy amounts of 2x drop event for about a week. Then I quit and Nexon deleted my Paladin which was 15x due to the UA exploit that people were doing at the time while I was gone. Note this was before Big Bang so I was pretty heated because it took me two weeks of hunting ~8hrs a day. However, I was able to straighten things out with Nexon because my character was [b]"not"[/b] an UA to begin with so I don't know what they even deleted it in the first place. I did not receive any compensation however while my character was deleted but I was in "quit" status and I had to log in to give a friend something. But hey, at least I got my paladin back

Thanks everyone

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congrats 2-2m no clown if you did it 4 years ago it would take 5-6 days of hunting for Lv 5

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I wish maple would make armor that needed you to have the skill in order to were it like 260 armor

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Congrats! Now to get your skill to level 5

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[url=]Congrats! Mine is posted five pics to the right! Glad you found them all after reading your thread! [/url]

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