General Bowmaster

BM can no longer do ducking hurricane BM can no longer hold down during hurricane to dodge cvonbon ball attack. I assume other classes that could jump and duck previously can no longer use the duck to dodge attacks while holding their hurricane skill. edit All Jobs Certain errors and complaints while moving have been corrected. In addition, skills which grant invincibility will now show their duration in their buff icon. While moving: an error where you could avoid monster projectiles while using a skill has been fixed, an error where you would not pick up Combo Kill orbs while moving has been fixed


Anyone unable to get soaring skill for Drpq? On my new character i tried completing the DRPQ prequest i have gotton to "Towards the sky 2" and Matada tells me to talk to chief tatamo to get the dragon moss extract. When I talk to Chief Tatamo he does not give me any option whatsoever to get the extract. The quests i do have from Chief tatamo is "Dragonior's Horn" which is a quest i recieve to defeat dragon rider and collect his horn. He has a 3 option that says under "Do something else" In this option it says "Buy magic seed" "Do something for leafre" - this one lets you donate monster ETC drops "I have lost the dragon scale" - gives you a quest item in case you dropped the dragon