BM can no longer do ducking hurricane

BM can no longer hold down during hurricane to dodge cvonbon ball attack.
I assume other classes that could jump and duck previously can no longer use the duck to dodge attacks while holding their hurricane skill.

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Certain errors and complaints while moving have been corrected. In addition, skills which grant invincibility will now show their duration in their buff icon.

While moving: an error where you could avoid monster projectiles while using a skill has been fixed, an error where you would not pick up Combo Kill orbs while moving has been fixed

April 25, 2016

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wow that sucks..

Reply April 26, 2016

@twopointonefour: Not when I was attempting for best possible time--I had to stand on top of the portal then occasionally tp down to let my soul summon clear the mobs then come back up

Reply April 26, 2016

@wall: Also worked for gollux hand in phase 2

L>maple to be easy again

Reply April 26, 2016

i cant jump and i can't duck

Reply April 26, 2016

@wall: truthfully I never knew you could duck and hurricane, I always just jumped over everything.

Reply April 25, 2016

I love how GMS doesn't provide any explanation on the job balancing patch.

KMS 1.2.245 is the corresponding KMS patch to the current GMS version and details are provided there.

Reply April 25, 2016