Anyone unable to get soaring skill for Drpq?

On my new character i tried completing the DRPQ prequest i have gotton to "Towards the sky 2" and Matada tells me to talk to chief tatamo to get the dragon moss extract.

When I talk to Chief Tatamo he does not give me any option whatsoever to get the extract. The quests i do have from Chief tatamo is "Dragonior's Horn" which is a quest i recieve to defeat dragon rider and collect his horn.

He has a 3 option that says under "Do something else"

In this option it says
"Buy magic seed"
"Do something for leafre" - this one lets you donate monster ETC drops
"I have lost the dragon scale" - gives you a quest item in case you dropped the dragon scale. unfortunately this is not the dragon moss extract.

Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?
I have definitely done preqs on other characters but it seems this is the first time it has glitched on me.

July 27, 2015

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I can confirm its glitched for some people, gm said just wait for a fix.

Reply July 27, 2015

Maybe it has something to do with the "I have lost the dragon scale", because I completed the quest just fine twice recently.

Reply July 27, 2015

@moansz: That skill you paid for is different than the one for DRPQ.

Reply July 27, 2015

Wish they can givve back the 50m lol .... I didn't get the quest but still Tatamo took 50mil then the moss glitch grrrr .....

Reply July 27, 2015

Sorry, forgot to mention it happens to some people. If you're unable to get it, you gotta wait till they fix it.

Reply July 27, 2015

I pretty much just picked up my Soaring skill about an hour ago. Worked fine for me.

Reply July 27, 2015

that's weird I did mine 2 days ago and there was an option to get dragon moss. I did talk to chief tatamo and there was an option

Reply July 27, 2015 - edited

Its glitched at the moment. No way of getting it until nexon fixes this issue. >.<

Reply July 27, 2015 - edited