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Interesting glitch with level 130 gun So I was training a couple days ago and noticed something odd when I use octo. I currently have a Vepar Bloody Eagle (130 gun) and it seemed to change its appearance to a Shark Tooth Sharpshooter (140 gun) for a split second when I used octo. Typically, guns just flat out disappear from the skill animation for octo, right? Well, when my char's hand touches the ground, that's where the 140 gun appears. I just thought this was an interesting/funny glitch, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. :D Here's a [url=]screenshot[/url]~ And if you don't believe me and you play in Bera, feel free to /find Censaired. I will be more than happy to use octo for you so you can see it

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"You have been disconnected from the login server" 2nd attempt since my last thread didn't get any replies. :/ Hey guys, so I have two laptops. One of them runs Maple perfectly fine with little to no issues (Windows 7). My other laptop (Windows Vista 64-bit), on the other hand, refuses to run the game properly. Every time I log in, whether it be through the website or GameLauncher, the same thing happens. I either select a channel and DC with the message "You have been disconnected from the login server" or get to char select, input my pin, and then DC with the same message. >_> And I know it can't be a DC hack/lock because I can log in to the acc perfectly fine on my Windows 7 laptop. Any help is greatly appreciat