General Thunderbreaker

Damage reduction on TB not working properly? As titled. Leveled a TB to 130, very fun character to play. But I noticed that damage reduction doesn't seem to work properly. TB has 10% damage reduction from Ironclad and 20% damage reduction from Electrify. So naturally when Zak does its 1/1 attack with a full HP gauge I should be expecting the HP to drop down to ~30% right? Yet with a 10,790 Max HP each time Zak does a 1/1 attack my HP drops down to 864, which is a mere 8% of my max HP. Is there something I missing because I honestly did not expect my HP to drop down that low.


Ever accused of loot stealing? What's your reaction to it? So a while ago I was doing Commerci PQ with 2 players from another guild within the same alliance. After the second run one of the them accused me of stealing his/her loot (SW Hat) on his/her turn. He/she didn't realize that any SW drop needs to be claimed from the NPC. Misunderstanding was quickly resolved, and I understood why I was accused right away rather than the other player. Still, it is an interesting experience. I do feel a bit bothered in the end because no apology was ever offered. Anyone has similar experience? What's your reaction to it?

General Angelicbuster

Question about Ab Hyper Skill Build So I made a AB and managed to get her to Lv 142. Looking over AB's list of hyper skills, these are the skills I should be going for right? Or would you recommend changes to it? * Soul Seeker - Make Up * Soul Seeker - Reinforce * Finale Ribbon - Overwhelmed (I'm assuming this hyper skill means it raises damage cap ever further right?) * Trinity - Extra Strike * Trinity - Reinforce Also I noticed that weapon cancel apparently doesn't work against Soul Seeker. Is this how Soul Seeker is supposed to work? Does Soul Seeker trigger Damage Reflect?

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