Training Guide Reboot v172 Most people don't know where to train with the recent nerfs, I'm not completely sure either so PLEASE give suggestions in the comments. REBOOT: 10-22 Fire Golems - Hene 22-30 Evil Eyes - Ellina 30-35 Ellinel Fairy Academy 35-60 Gold Beach 50+ Easy Zakum 50-60 Rein Strait Questline 60-80 Drakes - Sleepywood 75-85 White Fangs - El Nath (it's in the recommended tab, map with the merchant) 70-100 Romeo & Juliet PQ (Still decent xp for those levels) 85-95 Rabbits outside of Ariant 90-120 Sunset road area - Ariant 90-115 Roids in Magatia 100+ Normal Zakum 110-130 Robos in Ludi 120+ Easy Hilla (Bring a friend if you're 120) 130-140 Wanted Signs in Korean Folk Town (Go left from town)There are about 5 or 6 signs. (WORTH Y

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