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Countdown to the Down Nevada and South Carolina Primaries Clinton isn't backing down to the Bern. Trump isn't a Christian according to the living vestigal leader of the Imperium Romanum. It's all going down this Saturday (srsly tho. if you wanted to increase voter turnout, all you need to do is move the elections from a Tuesday[why?] to Saturday/Sunday. It woukld bring a major league sports approach to elections and I'm sure more people would go out and vote. Sorry for the rant. :3 Please let me do my colon-numeral-three emoticon). :----3

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Ways of Improving the Main Series Pokemon Games Let's get some ideas going... UNACCEPTABLE IDEAS: 1. "All the regions in one game!" Why? The plots of the games get pretty tired out after the 6th gym. I know, I know, it was cool to revisit Kanto in GSC, but those gym battles became boring and tedious instead of actual achievements. Do you really want to blast through Hoenn with your level 60+ party? 2. "Get rid of the turn based battle system! RPGs are so last century." Nope.

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What are you playing? Chat thread about games that we are playing right now and what our experiences have been like. Non-video games welcomed and encouraged. I've been playing Pokemon Y on and off for the past two weeks. I'm about five badges in. Impressions: -Had to turn off EXP share after first gym because that makes things way too easy. -Wow there's almost no new mons here -WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME ALL THESE ITEMS SO EARLY IN THE GAME? -Gyms are actually pretty neat in 3D graphics -Lumiose City is cool despite the stupid camera -Team Flare has to be the least exciting bad guy group.

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First "Fun Chat" Now theres a Separate Forum for Everything fun chat was probably the worst idea ever. now we've got separate forums for xbox AND playstation for chrissake. so necessary to have a separate anime page right. oh there's also one for apple products. it's like I'm on a vbulletin based forum again. it's horrible. having one page for all non-ms topics is better than having a million-n-one under-utilized forums. get it together mr b. you put me at the top of the page so you obviously wanted to hear my input. there's my personal blog post. there is only one forum and it is show/forum/6/

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Arizona Republican Debate the highlights: everyone is mad romney mentions the olympics 37 times newt gingrich laughs at ron paul santorum is all about pro-abstinence education paul's response for everything is "it isn't in the constitution, therefore the fed shouldn't regulate it" everyone says iran has nukes and we must stop them, except paul romney's killer question dodging closer: [b]"you ask the questions you want, I'll give the answers I want"[/b]

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