that candy box game

for the wishing well.
Which one shold I choose..all seem so good.
BTW for those who don't know what game i'm talking about, you're missing out c:

May 7, 2013

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yeah i waited for a while and multiplied my lollipops. lollipops are essentially your currency once the games get rolling, so you can do everything from increasing your candy rate to upgrading your sword, and then the leftovers can be used to directly get you candy at 300000 lp a pop.

Reply May 7, 2013

You can move around by pressing "i" and "k" if you didn't read the screen.

Reply May 7, 2013

[quote=laviets]1.1b candies eaten and lvl 8 sword. i can't get past the wave of minions yet on hell level.[/quote]

You have to use an imp/clone and earthquake against the ghost swarm. Ghosts half hp each attack.

Reply May 7, 2013

@laviets I did the same, multipled lollipops yeee boi

Reply May 7, 2013

I got the imp scroll one.

Reply May 7, 2013