Coins in old maple?

Is the only way to get them from questing?

If so, do the quests reset daily?

I'm horrible at jump quests so i'm not even going to dream about Shumi's lost coin or the Sleepywood one..

October 30, 2014

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I've been trying to do that jumpquest, but my speed/jump is max. I could remove some clothing, reduce it, but either way it's difficult. With my settings so high, yes I can skip some parts, but I overshoot things a lot. Biggest problem though is jumping up/across directly into things that hurt me, tossing me back. I think I'd rather have original speed/jump for this, if just so I don't overshoot constantly...

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Questing only
the last time it was in game the best "repeatable" one was Shumi's lost coin bag jpq
It was absolute horror doing it on my aran

Reply October 30, 2014

The only way to farm coins when the event first came out was doing the JQ in Kerning. Over and Over and Over again.

Although it gets so easy after a few successful attempts. If you do it with a friend you can have races, it really helps pass the time.

Yes, only way is through questing.

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