Warning about monster purge quest Read

If you:

-Change channels

after accepting the monster purge quest it'll disappear and you wont get the rewards.

Someone just smega'd it so credits go to @GhostEcho + @SilentXynh

EDIT: So apparently the quest is super glitchy,

My advice would be to go to where ever you were planning on doing the 300 monsters and accept it there. Dont cc or log out or change maps.

I did my quest perfectly fine at MP3.

November 1, 2014

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At forst I didn't care; then I realized that it would cost me a char slot GG omfg

Reply November 1, 2014

I went into DI after I accepted it thinking that would work.... Later realized DI changes your channel to a "private" channel.

Reply November 1, 2014

Boo I accepted the quest in event hall and went away for a few minutes to find that I had dced in less than 10 minutes

Reply November 1, 2014

don't get why nexon couldn't just give a box where you open it and boom free slot. making us kill 300 monsters really?

Reply November 1, 2014

yeah I stuffed up big time...... :'(

Reply November 1, 2014

[quote=Ecarina]I didn't do any of this stuff and it disappeared.[/quote]

Same, I went to go kill some mobs my level and after 30 minutes I decided to check and see my progress since it wasn't showing up. I couldn't find it and it was in the completed part of my quests...but the thing is I never got any rewards so it's real screwy.

Reply November 1, 2014

[quote=Ecarina]I didn't do any of this stuff and it disappeared.[/quote]

It seems like the quest is buggy for everyone.

I'm sure Nexon will do something. Don't worry.

Reply November 1, 2014

I didn't do any of this stuff and it disappeared.

Reply November 1, 2014

[quote=XjumpstreetX]Thanks man i didn't know!
Is it only for 1 day or until the event is over?[/quote]

Yeah, only today.

Reply November 1, 2014

yeah I changed channels and it's gone. GG

Reply November 1, 2014

Seems like changing channels also causes it to disappear, I didn't relog or dc.

Reply November 1, 2014