should I post singing clips on youtube?

I don't know if I should stick to soundcloud or just move to youtube. x_x soundcloud has a 2 hr limit I think.
Here's my soundcloud if any of you guys use it post yours here too! :]

and I just covered 'call me maybe' on ukulele hehe -shameless promotion-

July 13, 2012

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Hey if you wanna make it big just talk to me I'll hook you up with the people you wanna know you're a star you got amazing talent don't let anyone else tell you otherwise if someone tells you you can't sing you just come straight to me I'll take care of them for you it's only once in a lifetime someone with your skills comes along and you're gonna take the world by storm you just need that one simple push and I'm the guy who will set you up real nice yes real nice don't waste this opportunity darling ok punctuation.

Reply July 14, 2012

Ukulele is a really easy instrument to pick up, I highly recommend it! And aha I just try to sing. *_* but I'm so glad you like my song choices ohohoho

Reply July 14, 2012

you can draw and sing? so talented. and the ukulele is <3
btw i love your song choices.

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