KMST 1.2.036

- Archer common
[Guy Hooded Arrow]: The cooldown, damage, number of attacks will be adjusted.
- Bow Master
[Arrow Lane]: The duration and cooldown, damage, damage increase is adjusted.
- Shrine
[True seunayiping]: The duration and cooldown, damage, launch count will be adjusted.
Where the effects of the application receive fractional volts, and added to the ignore feature increases critical chance with ERA.
- Windbreaker
[Howling Gale]: gust duration, the damage will be adjusted.
- Mercedes
[Elemental Ghost]: duration, cooldown, the final damage banyoungryul are adjusted.
Ring of Ishtar is the proc half at regular intervals when using attack skills in use
The ability to add a wide range of attacks with the power of the spirit is added.
- Wild Hunter
[Jaguar Storm]: duration, cooldown, the final damage banyoungryul are adjusted.
Jaguar will not be summoned in the footsteps of more than a certain size. When using Jaguar Skills
Summoned Jaguar will use their skills in the direction of being attacked. If you are not attacks
Use the direction your character looks.

Does mercedes' shadow partner apply to Ishtars ring at a reduced rate?

July 7, 2016

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So they added the KMS patch, everyone had their skills lowered to 20 but they didn't change any formulas. So everything is much lower compared to the KMST patch.

Reply July 14, 2016

o thank god they made the ghost thing prettier so you don't deal with an orgy of shadow clones or whatever the hell the previous was

Reply July 11, 2016

@okaythen: So it likely doesn't have 100% up time, maybe if you're training, but honestly I probably would forget about it while training.

Reply July 10, 2016

The battle analysis does say that guided arrow hit 60 times within that minute so I guess it's confirmed to hit a maximum of 30times and then disappear.

Reply July 10, 2016

@okaythen: thanks for the video and OMG... so beautiful compared to the mess last patch.

Reply July 9, 2016

100% Up time is nice xD

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From viewing that video it appears that guided arrow might actually just do 30 attacks total and disappear. Elemental Ghost still super good bossing and otherwise.

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@elufu @twopointonefour
You can see Mercedes' new ishtar elemental ghost thing in action in the link.

You can see it proc when the two little fairy elemental things spawn and shoot a big tree (like the ones from elluel).
It's basically Jett's final attack thing (if anyone even remembers it) except it has a cooldown, a much higher activation chance and hits multiple enemies if caught in it.

Reply July 8, 2016 - edited

Guided Arrow

Level 50: Consumes 350 MP. For 20 seconds, create a spirit arrow near you. While fighting, the arrow will attack 1 nearby enemy, dealing 750% damage 30 times. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

30 times... I am reading that right, right? Also infinite up time aside from respawning.

lole marksman can't have anything good. 20 arrows down to 9?

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Nice to see True Sniping's cooldown got adjusted. Before it was simply unreasonable.

Edit: Looks like they buffed the skill's damage, nerfed the duration, and # of arrows. Cool down wasn't touched. Nevermind.

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Yeah doesn't this make Ishtar hit 8 times on proc?

Also a bunch of skill cores got changed into an algorithm rather than just final damage. Apparently it can increase things like mob count, boss damage etc.

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Lol sooner or later they will just give it full activation xD but yeah it's needed : ]

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Yeah, previously it was specifically mentioned that it won't trigger from Ishtar, but now it does at half the rate of others. Additionally the triggered spirits attack in a wider range? making it sort of like trifling whim I'm guessing.

(This probably happened because our mobbing skill couldn't out damage Ishtar even with the new skill, sort of making it a useless skill since you know... who doesn't already 1hko their training mobs) I was wondering if it triggered from AFA but I guess it doesn't based on this change.

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