Just A Warning To All Who Play In Windia

So if you are a player in Windia, I just want you to be aware of the dangers that is vcantcatchme. I was recently scammed for my end game claw(buying clean slate services) by witch i made the stupid decision as to not DEMAND a collateral. I am not here as to complain about oh how I got scammed. I don't want, nor do I ask for, any pity, I just don't want anyone to make the same mistake I recently did. Be safe and happy Mapling.

P.S. @CherryTigers, I should have listened to you.

February 11, 2013

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@Cherrytigers, Dennis You have da nice Vaqina, Will you be my valentine? <3

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@rickjames196 I realize that we get them for free, but unfortunately I don't have the time to come back every 30minutes and check, I spent all my mesos on that claw... I was using 6th anniversary scrolls for two handed weapon 25% along side protection and lucky day scrolls. the claw had an epic pot of 12% dex(was going to cube later), and a bonus pot of ATK+2%. The weapon attack was at 86 with 2 successful scrolls and 2 fails. I was aiming take the claw to 144 attack(includes two hammers and perfect scrolling).

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Pustache <-----This guy is also a scammer

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[quote=Sydrix]Are you a junior by any chance?

OT:Mk just don't be a raging psychopath maniac[/quote]

Shh... Past is a Secretive society, it's existence must be known but not it's members. Also to answer your question, Yes.

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@UANightLord1: Not to bring any false-pretenses but you may or may not of been saved this time. I am in no way saying that this will happen but there is always a possibility due to its nature.

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[quote=Sydrix]~sigh~ Cyrus youve could of just asked me to clean slate it for you. [/quote]

It's Okay Kevin, it's my fault I got scammed, it's in the past just leave it there.

On a side note, Past is the best guild ever if you get in you are very lucky, but it's extremely hard to find a junior to add you as the guild is very selective.

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we get free clean slates, why would u need service? Just do it on all your chars sure it's slow, but its free and save

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Nah its okay, dj0wns is correct why would I ever do that? That is exactly why I said I did a stupid thing.

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