Any Reboot NL's Out There?

Anyone else starting a new NL in reboot :O I've been a Windia NL for almost 5 years now getting back on the grind bringing back so many memories.

Looking for possible guild.

Reboot ign: CyKD lvl 50 at the moment

Anyone got any good strats on getting to 4th job easily, since grinding is still ever so painful?

December 5, 2015

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@terrorface I know. I blame the lag. I've been playing for 8 years, and playing sin/hermit/night lord for almost that long, so I dunno why I would keep dying.

Reply December 22, 2015

@fradddd: Odd. Dying several times is pretty cray despite being squishy. <.<

Reply December 21, 2015

@terrorface well I have a Pally too, he's my main now, and I have Pensalir on the NL but I was still burning pots no matter what. I died several times during the quests for the Ghost Ship Exorcist badge. A lot of it was due to lag, leading to a delay in pots working, so...Idk.

Reply December 21, 2015

@fradddd: I used to play a Pally and have had growing pains of my own adapting to how squishy NLs are, and it doesn't help I've been on hiatus so long prior to coming back just a few days ago. But the thing is that they use more finesse and planning in a game where everyone else pretty much sits there and runs around more carefree.

For equipment, don't just look at HP values, but also consider physical/magic armor values. For a while I used a Lvl 110 Thief set of clothes, but upgrading to Lvl 140's has shaved off a lot of damage enemies do to me.

Also making sure that you can mow mobs over quickly will also help you with cost efficiency. If you're chugging pots like no tomorrow, maybe fight a lower-leveled mob or a same level, but weaker alternative? I've been lazy on my gear tbh, so there's been times where I took breaks from fighting the mobs on the Collosus quests and went to ones like Skeles instead and came back when my gear was better to finish it.

Hope that helps, but I too am learning this job. ^^

Reply December 21, 2015

@lamaurlan I don't know any practical way to make them less squishy with equipment...

Reply December 21, 2015

@fradddd: Hahah that was fast. If you're only 150 maybe just level more/upgrade your gear, then you will feel better about it?

I thought about switching to NL from shad numerous times (I ended up going with DB). It seems like NL has a large advantage in terms of mobbing, so getting to 200 might be fairly easy. To get to 100 I definitely recommend just grinding drakes and sandrats/scorpions, getting into R&J is very difficult but then again its worth a shot.

Reply December 21, 2015

I change my mind, NL isn't boss, it is too squishy. First time in my Maple history I don't wanna play one.

Reply December 21, 2015

ign- Traceee

ex- 5mil range NL on windia, came back for reboot. I'm level 18x right now, trying to get 200 to get that alien set !
Add me and we can do pink bean, Normal/hard gollux or something

Reply December 21, 2015

Feel free to add me, TerrorFace. Got back to the game like three days ago and Lvl 147 as a NL. Lol

Reply December 17, 2015

Leafre they sell steelys and ibbis

Reply December 17, 2015

Add me on reboot.
Ign MeiYuo
TBH, you will work for stars as a NL. There's not much NL/NW out there since they don't wanna work for it.I spent 7+Hrs to grind iibis and got 4 set with only 1.15xdrop from inner ability.
I got 5 set of furies ready to go. Just need the ores. 1 set completed. 4 on progress.
Other than that. NL is a bit hard to level. due to squishiness and no mob skills at low level.

Reply December 16, 2015

I created a Night Walker, add me on game NwJeshu

Reply December 6, 2015

Yep, just hit 150, NL is boss.
Thought I posted to this thread before but whatever.

Reply December 5, 2015

I started my NL yesterday and I'm lvl50, haven't burn the character yet. Grinding while burned its pretty fast actually, just do the theme dungeons till 60. 60 to 70 will be the most annoying levels imo, i'll try to avoid Drakes. Then just RnJ till 140.
Also, I don't know if familiars cards are glitched, but I haven't found any and I really want Jr.Boogie and Wolf Spider familiars.
@uanightlord1: Could you please tell me which stars are you using. I'm using kumbis and I don't know which monsters drops good stars besides Mushmom.

Reply December 5, 2015

I was gonna make an NL but you know..

Reply December 5, 2015