In this decade

As much as basil's current [dead] state makes us feel "so old," I'm comforted when I put things into perspective.

The height of culture, activity, and community-building occurred here between 2010 and 2012. We have experienced basilmarket at its absolute highest, and at its absolute lowest. Both extremes were met in the same decade: a decade we're still living through.

So when I see the emptiness here and feel hollow, I choose instead to be amazed that *so* much has changed in such a short amount of time. The memories I have of this place are huge and numerous; we were pouring our lives into basil on this day mere years ago.

Now... will the same be said two weeks from now? 2020, sheesh.

December 19, 2019

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I will cherish the memories and shxtposts this site created. So much time spent on this site and many friends made.

Reply January 13, 2020

basilmarket is only cool cuz I met @onlinemusic but he doesn't log on anymore so what's the point

Reply January 6, 2020

it be crazy doe like here i am revisiting this site and i see all these familiar faces, but they're not so familiar that i can remember who they are. i

Reply January 3, 2020

Its not about the destination, but the friends we made along way. No idea what happened to the mods. I think there is 1 left but im not sure.

Reply December 30, 2019

Idk if this sounds weird, but I always wondered whatever happened to the mods who use to monitor the site. I think there was a rumor that one mod had to quit because they were stalked by a member of this site, no clue if that was true or not. And I remember there was one mod who joined our room during a tc session, she was really cool and it was nice to chat with a mod.

Reply December 27, 2019

Good times.. I used to be a lunatic on this site and now this is my first time coming on here in years

Reply December 25, 2019

Glad I made like 3 groups of friends from this game though.

We talking about internet over the two decades?

I loved the internet during the 2000s, enough tech to easily and 'quickly' browse the internet, but not as much surveillance or outside industry influence.

Something weird happened after 2008 (but IMO was like the best years), I think it was Barack Obama's use of social media for his campaigns, and mass usage of smartphones that made anyone ignorant of the internet realize they should start using it too. Anyways things really started changing in the early 2010s.

I think the scariest thing I've realized this decade is trolls, or really any single person has a LOT more power and influence than I thought, since all eyes are on the internet nowadays and as @dalsia said it's centralized so that makes it really easy to spread misinformation and even make people act out on something something Oregon Christchurch shooting. It's really easy to group up with people far and wide to support the most absurd things just for having that sense of community, its also super easy to attract people who truly believe in said absurd thing.

tl;dr: maplestory motivated me to draw thanks.

Reply December 22, 2019 - edited

I mentioned it in another post a few months ago that I dislike how centralized the internet has become. Communities that were like Basil are becoming impossible to find; now everything is on Reddit or Discord, and it seems like everybody is trying to make their own subreddit or Discord server just so they can be the "leader" or at the top.

I was watching an old MapleStory video last night, and someone said that he was finally going to "let go" of the game in 2020. I realized that I let go of Maple near the end of the last decade, around 2010, so it sort of blows my mind how far we've come in the past 10 years.

Reply December 20, 2019 - edited