Any way to get another pet snail?

I starved the poor snail =( I wasn't aware that the snail would disappear completely if I never fed it -__- I doubt there is, but is there a way I can get another one with out using NX?

December 11, 2015

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What they said... Hilla's pet drop isn't that rare with the enhanced drop rates from reboot, I got one on my bishop on the very first solo on normal hilla and I've seen it drop twice more in hard hilla with my main.

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When you starved a pet it simply goes off. You can still bring it back by clicking it under your inventory.

When a pet disappeared (as in no longer in your inventory), that was because it was expired. As far as I know free pet snail only comes with time limit of 5 hours. I don't know if the free pet snail can be extended using Water of Life.

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The snail's timer isn't connected to hunger. You can't resummon the snail after it's been out for 5 hours, but if you just forgot to feed it, then it'll still be there(with 5 hunger). And I don't think there's any more free snails to get. Hilla sometimes drops a pet.

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