I don't get the Reboot hype

Reboot is ok except for one big problem for me. Why would anyone not want to be able to trade? For me, that's part of what made MS unique and fun. Feel free to leave your opinions because I know a lot will disagree and that's fine

December 6, 2015

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Not having trading is what makes reboot unique... Means merchants can't hold onto items and push up prices of equips, It's a level playing field for everyone really and everyone gets rewards for 30/60/90 etc. It promotes party play, it'll take a 6 man party to do most bosses and almost impossible without hard work for people to do CRA etc. I like it and it means that greedy people don't control the economy, as someone that worked hard in the normal world to solo end game bosses without throwing NX I think reboot is great, I don't mind having mediocre damage if I get to boss with others and actually have fun in the game as normal maple has become extremely stale.

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@kevqn: I never said it made it unique from other MMOs

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You can trade if you put your heart towards it

Reply December 6, 2015

How does trading make MS unique, every single MMO has a trading system

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@appall: Mind you telling me what exploit? Of course there will be no way to obtain scrolls such as clean slates, since they don't exist in reboot... that's right, no scrolls at all in that server. The only way to upgrade your gear is through starforce and cubes. Of course some hackers might dupe mesos or whatever, but the gap between them and the normal players will be pretty small.

Also, you seem to miss the fact that reboot promotes party play. Of course some people might want to solo all the end game bosses, but that doesn't change the fact that you're supposed to team up with other players to kill these said bosses.

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@appall: Having the exploits for themselves wont change anything. In fact it is usually like this on regular servers as well as people who have worthy exploits usually dont go giving them away. Them soloing bosses doesnt change anything either as it wont directly affect other players.

The risk for botters/exploiters on reboot is much higher as well as if they get caught they will lose everything(unlike on the other servers, where not even linkbans are anywhere close), this also applies for people who might think about indirectly taking advantage by bossing with those people.

Also yeah, perfecting gear will take a long time, but thats the point. If it were too fast then there wouldnt be much to do.

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@userwhat: no trades, no economy, no need to worry about getting hacked or scammed, reboot is a hardcore server.

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@laurico: Now it's a huge other problem though, the exploits will be kept to the single people who use them. There will be no way to obtain all the clean slates etc to perfect the gear needed for end game bosses unless u farm the items 24/7. I think reboot is going to be just as much "pay to win" as the regular servers.

Botters - get funded and can solo all bosses
Regular players - can't come near soloing the bosses so they pay a strong player via another server or some illegal method to solo the boss for them so they can obtain the gear it drops.

Rinse repeat. that's my 2 cents on reboot.

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Actually not being able to trade is one of the strongest points that reboot has.

Trading has been proven to be detrimental to this game since long ago as it mainly promotes botting and exploiting. The only reason why trade is still useful for this game is because of certain game changing content only obtainable with cash(like most cubes, exp/drop coupons, etc). On a world where there isnt any gamechanging cash content, there isnt any reason for trade to exist.

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The main hype for me is that it's free to play solo progression. I work for the items I need, and train for the mesos I need. Then, for that reason, it promotes party play to beat stronger bosses.

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i wanna trade too

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