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The reason why Mihile is on the brink of its existence I've wondered why there aren't many Mihiles . Is it because they shoot laser even tho they are warriors? Is it because its default looks are some what ugly? Is it because there's dawn warriors? After 10 years of research, I have found out why. I have gotten dark circles, white hairs, and etc. But I have finally found out why and it was worth the 10 years of research. The reason is because.... ... ... ... ... ... There's no female Mihiles that male mihiles can make babies with! I know, its shocking news. You might wonder, "How come there's more than one, how were they born?" To answer that, give me another 10 years. TL;DR version: I was bored. So, I have wasted one minute of yo

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Puppies, More puppies So, I was home alone with my dogs. I went to take a shower and after i got out, one of my dog who was pregnant just gave birth to 3 puppies, one of them died tho :'c It always makes me happy to see new life being born! :D Just thought I share. PS. They are Yorkshire Terriers, just putting that out there. inb4 Basil isn't your personal diary. Edit: Sorry, Didn't see the comments. [url=http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2dum4io&s=6]I'm having trouble taking pictures :/[/url] [url=http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2z562vn&s=6]Sorry, mother dog (Happy is her name) is being protective of them.[/url]

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Hayato Damage Range Thread [header]Hayato Damage Range Thread[/header] I am not sure if there is a thread like this, I apologize if there is one already. I just wanted to know what range I need to have at certain level and compare with others. Please provide a screenshot. (Not buffed and buffed) I will post my screenshot when I get home after work. [b]I am locking the thread, if you want to post your damage range post it[/b] [url=http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/2619066]here[/url] [header]Hayato Level 100-200[/header] [b]Level 183[/b] [url=http://i.imgur.com/MPTLXpO.jpg[/url] Self Buffed 122678-153173[/url] [b]Level 145[/b] [url=http://imgur.com/4t5TNhB] Clean 40502-50501[/url] [url=http://imgur.com/eKTZf5H] Akatsuki Hero(MW) 47050-58685[/u

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Solution to all or most male basilers problem Min here with solution to your problem! Have you never touched a boob before? No, it doesn't feel like bags of sand. Friends around you knows how it feels but you dont? Well, no worries. The steps i am about to teach you is easy as 1,2,3 Step 1) Eat and get Fat, fatter the better. Step 2) Go to bathroom, lock the door incase your parents walks in on you. Step 3) Close your eyes and feel your moobs and imagine it is a hot girl in your mind. 90% of the virgin males i taught was happy to have known this. I can't guarantee your health tho Try it out and leave feedback please. Thanks! ^^

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What did you achieve on your mihile? [header]Mihile, the Knight of Light, Achievement Thread[/header] [i]"The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings"[/i] Since the other thread was locked, I thought I make another one so that active mihiles can post it here <3 And maybe bring back this mihile community alive. As of January 30, 2013 I lvled three times. Chaos'd my tempest sword and lost Str... [header]Most simple skill guide[/header] [b]1st Job:[/b] Everything Maxed. [b]2nd Job:[/b] [i]Radiant Driver/Soul Driver[/i] at 14, everything else maxed. (I recommend maxing Radiant Driver than Soul Driver) [b]3rd Job:[/b] [i]Trinity Attack[/i] left at 14, everything else maxed. [b]4th Job:[/b] Everything Maxed. You can also

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