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Buying/Spell Tracing 30% CRA Set

So if I want to innocence my CRA set (hat, bottom, and top) how much meso would it take to 30% spell trace them perfectly?(with 2x hammered slot on all of them). And how much would it be to just buy them off the market perfectly spell traced?

0 December 10, 2016

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I see perfected un-potted ones in my world for 4b~5b.

I definitely got lucky with mine, but mine ended at +7 for the bottom (ran out of money to get back and scroll the last 2 slots). In total, I used around 31.5K traces (mostly using the clean slates), 3 Inno's 50%'s, 11 CSS 10%'s and one safety.

This was during fever, and with Guild Skill + Dilligence, I was scrolling at a 56% success rate on the usual 30% scrolls.

Reply December 12, 2016