It finally happened I bet just by reading the title a lot of you probably guessed what I'm talking about. Yep, I got hacked. It happened sometime between last Sunday and today. I lost a 125atk +12 all stat PSB, 128atk Dragon Kanzir, 4atk 12luk Khanjar(lol), 10 atk wg, 9atk wg, 6atk wg, 6% luk top, 3% luk bottom, 6% luk earrings, two 6% str earrings, and a whole bunch more that I won't list since you probably wouldn't like to read a gigantic list of items. I'm kind of saddened by this since I finally got motivation to get an Aran to 4th job and was stocking up on items to train my Shad again. Looks like that won't be happening now. Should I try to continue my Shad and Aran or just make my Kaiser my main? My Kaiser was the only character that


Incredible chaos scrolls should die So, I logged onto my Shad today to get the scroll. Pretty confident since the other chaos scrolls I've used on my Khanjar have increased its attack. It had 3 slots and 11 atk. I use the scroll and the atk goes down to 10 atk and the luk goes up from 7 to 10. Eh, it's whatever. I decide to get it on another account and use it on my Khanjar. This is time it goes from 10 atk to 4 atk. Now I'm devastated since it has below average atk. It decreased the atk by 6! I log onto my Aran since it had a normal chaos scroll from the game board event. I use it and it fails. So now I have a 10 luk 4 atk 0 slot Khanjar with crappy epic pot. I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

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Animes that make you feel the feels So I convinced my friend to watch Guilty Crown. He hated me for it because of the ending and told me he was going to kill me. He told me it broke him. Other than that, he liked the anime. Now I'm trying to get him to watch Code Geass, which is basically like Guilty Crown but longer with a better story and better characters. It's also a lot sadder than Guilty Crown so I definitely need him to watch it. I want him to break down and cry from watching it. After Code Geass I'll get him to watch Clannad and just utterly destroy his existence. So yeah, I need to convince him since he doesn't want to watch a 50 episode anime. Any other feely feel animes to recommend to my friend so I can make him cry like an infa

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I hate Calculus I have never hated a math course as much as I hate Calculus. I am utterly failing in this class, like I have no chance of passing this semester. I don't understand any of the material and even when I go over it multiple times I still sit there not knowing anything. I'm a junior in high school and an F for both semesters of math is going to look really bad. Other than this year I've only ever had trouble with math in Algebra I and Algebra II. Even then I was able to bring up an F to an A by the end of the first semester. I honestly thought I would be able to keep up in this course but I was so wrong. My foundations in Pre-cal were too weak for me to even attempt to learn anything. My Pre-cal teacher was the worst teacher ever

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