pointless daily accomplishments

just finished a pokemon crystal bug monotype woo
swept lance and red with ariados
toxic stalled blue out with shuckle (literally longest battle ive ever had)

what pointless things have you done over the weekend?

September 7, 2015

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Tried sour cream & onions flavoured popcorn for the first time.
Although I can't say that I disliked it, I still feel that it's a flavour best left to potato chips.

Reply September 8, 2015

play MS all weekend literally. stayed up til 6am each day for the freaking 2x and fever time >.< >.<

Reply September 8, 2015

downloaded maplestory on steam then exited out because I was pretty bored.

Reply September 8, 2015

[quote=sirkibblex2]i market gardened some unaware snipers in tf2.[/quote]

Reply September 8, 2015

I did trading in cs:go... Now I have 2 vulcans and 2 asiimovs and I dont know what to do with them

Reply September 7, 2015

I beat up a bunch of enemies and have my horse poop on them, then I kidnap the enemies and convince them to work for me. When I see them walking around my base I beat them up even more and they are always happy to see me in MGSV.

Reply September 7, 2015