Any tips on Reboot?

I just started Reboot and I'm really enjoying myself.
Do you guys have any tips?

Also I'm looking for a guild so hit me up (IGN: Huyeen)

June 27, 2016

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Get meso % hidden potential and potential on accessories asap, as grinding mesos is the best and only real way to upgrade your equips.
Kanna is a really good class to fund yourself with along with lumi, wild hunter, and i guess evan can be alright.

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I believe Nirvana is still recruiting, feel free to join us! We'd love to have you. Very friendly guild and RA/NZak carries for guild points are always an option. My IGN is Nymphine, maybe we can boss sometime if you join.

Honestly though I don't have tips; I just started playing like I would in any other server haha. It was tough at the beginning without any link skills or character cards but that beginner phase was part of the fun since you couldn't breeze through everything. Since burning's going I'd recommend not burning a character that's not already easy to level (so I'd personally exclude Kanna, Luminous, Wild Hunter, etc) and instead focus on those that are harder to train through in the beginning. Cannon Master is a good choice since it's hard to play as your first character but still gives an awesome link skill. That's only assuming you want to bother with links/character cards and wouldn't burn something you're more interested in first, of course.

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